Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of our most commonly asked questions. Please read through these FAQ's to learn more about what you should bring, our policies, and other bits of information you may find useful planning for your trip to Gatlinburg. If your question is not answered below please feel free to contact us and we will help.


Do you provide bed linens and bath towels?

Yes, all bed linens are provided for our guests. All beds will be fully made with fresh linens and ready for you when you arrive. Bath towels, wash cloths, and hand towels are also provided.


What is in the kitchen? Are cooking utensils provided?

All of our properties have fully stocked kitchens. You will be provided with a wide assortment of cooking items. We have basic pots and pans, eating utensils, cooking items, etc. If you require a unusual item we suggest you bring it along.


Will I see a bear at your property?

Black bears are VERY common in the Gatlinburg area and all around Sevier County and the Smoky Mountains. Every one of our properties have had bears cross them at one time or another. The most common time of the year to see a bear is April - October. Feeding bears is illegal and dangerous. Always keep food and trash inside the cabin. Never leave food inside your car. Bears do know how to open car doors.


Can I bring my dog?

We do allow dogs at our properties from time to time. You need to contact us and request a pre-approval before we can accept your reservation. For a dog to be considered, it needs to be housebroken and well behaved. You cannot let the dog run loose in the cabin while you are away and will need a method of confining the dog such as a crate.


Do you allow smoking or e-cigarettes?

Smoking tobacco products, e-cigarettes, pipes, cigars, etc is never allowed inside our properties at any time please. If you smoke, please do so outside.


What should I bring with me?

As with most rental cabins, daily housekeeping service is not provided as part of the reservation. Linens and Towels are provided for your stay, and the quantity of towels provided is determined by the occupancy of the cabin. We provide one towel per occupant, plus a few extras as spares. Extra towels will be located in the bathroom cabinets. A washer and dryer is provided in the home to service towels and linens. A starter supply of dish soap, hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper and trash bags are provided as well. We recommend you bring additional quantities of such items since the starter supply is only enough for 1 day. A Food City supermarket is located a few short minutes away and they have most items you will need, including a full service pharmacy.


Should I bring my basketball?

A few of our properties have an outdoor basketball goal, so feel free to bring your own basketballs to shoot some hoops if you are staying at one of those cabins. We do not provide the balls any longer due to the fact that they always seem to disappear after some guests depart.


What kind of grill do you have?

Each cabin below is listed with the type of grill it has. We supply propane for the grill and their should be an adequate supply for normal use.


Bella Vista - Charcoal Grills Only

Laurel Creek Hideaway - Gas and Charcoal

Smoky Mountain Sunrise - Gas Grill Only

Star Dancer - Gas Grill Only


Is WiFi Internet Available?

Each cabin has WiFi available for guest use free of charge.


Do you provide firewood for the fire pit?

If the property you are staying at has a wood burning fire pit you will need to bring your own wood or it may be purchased at the local grocery store. It is sold for between $5 and $8 a bundle. Many other stores in the area sell firewood.


What kind of wildlife is in the area?

Since all of our cabins are located next to the national park there is abundant wildlife in the area including squirrels, flying squirrels, chipmunks, bats, bears, turkey, bobcats and more. Bears are very common in the area.


What is proper bear safety?

Please be aware of bears in the area. We have them around all of our properties big and small. You may see bear tracks on the driveways if you look. They have walked up to within just a few feet of us while we were outside playing with the children. They are great to watch from a safe distance, but can be dangerous, and are not afraid to meet you! Bears in this area also will come out in the winter months. They do not hibernate completely. They come out for food all winter long. Do not leave trash or food outside. Do not leave food in your car. A bear may try to break in to get it. Lock car doors. Bears can open car doors! 
DO NOT FEED THE BEARS OR LEAVE FOOD OUT FOR THEM!! This will cause them to associate people with food, can cause attacks on humans, and cause the bear have to be euthanized by authorities, plus it is ILLEGAL. Please watch your children, and teach them what to do if they see a bear. Bear attacks are very rare and you rarely hear of one, but a reckless move around a mother and her cubs or an aggressive male could end with severe consequences.


What is the Check In Process Like?

We have made the check in process as easy as possible for our guests. We will provide you with a detailed information packet via email approximately 2 days before your arrival date. This will contain a ton of helpful information about our property. You will also be provided an electronic door and security alarm code to use when you arrive. There are no keys to worry with. You may check in anytime after 4PM on the first day of your reservation.


What is cleaned prior to check in?

The cleaning crews arrive after the previous guests depart around 10AM. The entire cabin is cleaned from top to bottom in between guests. All bed linens are changed out for freshly laundered. The appliances are cleaned as well. The hot tub is completely drained and scrubbed. It is then refilled with new water and chemicals are added to the floater to maintain the water during your stay. You should expect a clean cabin when you arrive at one of our rental cabins in Gatlinburg.


When will I receive the door code?

The door codes are included in your information packet. It will be emailed to you approximately 2 days before you arrival date. If it is less than 2 days before your arrival date and you have not received our email please check your junk email first. If it is not there please call us and we will send it again.


Are there security cameras on the premises?

Most vacation rentals in Gatlinburg now have some form of video surveillance on site as a deterrent to crime. Our cabins are no exception. We do respect your privacy though. Security cameras are only located on the exterior of our cabins. No recording device is located anywhere inside one of our cabins. We do not point them toward the hot tubs either. They are there for your protection and ours. We respect your privacy and you can rest assured knowing this.


Do cell phones work at your rental cabins?

Cell phone service usually works at all of our properties, however some carriers perform better than others. Some properties have better reception than others. ATT seems to be the most reliable in the Gatlinburg area. The national park itself has very limited cell phone service. As with any mountainous terrain you will find dead zones. The city of Gatlinburg has great cell coverage downtown, but outlying areas of the city can have more performance issues.


Can we use the fireplace?

All of our rental cabins have at least one gas burning fireplace for guest use. You are free to use these during your visit. We turn them off during the warm weather months of May through September. During the months of October through April they should be operational and ready for your use.